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Suspension both forks and shock on all dirt bikes; regardless if they have springs or air holding them up use oil hydraulics to create the damping forces necessary to make suspension what suspension is. The following information is intended to provide a very basic understanding of how dirt bike forks and shock hydraulic control works.

When suspension compresses compression stroke a piston on the end of a rod travels through oil in a chamber. Four basic things are happening:. After the suspension has compressed it then extends again rebound stroke. The rebound stroke is the same as the compression stroke but in reverse. The compression ports and holes seal and the rebound ports open up as the rod or shaft exits drawing the oil back into the main chamber again.

For a suspension tuner the oil control in each area must be matched. When the restrictive forces generated in one area are changed the appropriate change has to be made in the other areas to maintain a well-balanced suspension system. As suspension has become more technical the balancing of forces within the metering systems; and ultimately the pressures generated in the separate oil volumes has become increasingly important.

As shaft speeds increase or decrease the suspension is compressed quickly or slowly the amount of oil needing to flow in each area changes dramatically. Most suspension systems have high and low speed control; the low speed portion is always working. As the amount of oil flowing through the low speed reaches its maximum the high speed portion comes into effect. Our intent here is not to explain any systems operation just the basic theory that applies to all.

The suspension tuner has to factor in multiple systems all working in conjunction with each other as shaft speeds increase and decrease. When suspension comes on a motorcycle the manufacturer does not know the specific needs, or skill set of the end user.

Everyone is the answer! Setting the suspension up correctly at any level, for any riding type is essential. So why use Factory Connection? Compression Stroke When suspension compresses compression stroke a piston on the end of a rod travels through oil in a chamber.

Four basic things are happening: Oil is passing through the piston ports as it moves through the chamber, the flow of that oil is metered by a series of shims referred to as the shim stack ; shims are thin washers that bend under pressure to limit, or control the flow of oil. Factory Connection works very hard to utilize the OEM pistons in its performance modifications. The rod or shaft entering the chamber is displacing oil. Because oil cannot be compressed the displaced oil must flow to a second chamber area.

In the secondary chamber there is also a need to allow the oil in, the entering oil needs somewhere to go; this means the secondary chamber volume must increase expand.

how to revalve forks

In a shock this is commonly achieved by having a bladder filled with nitrogen, as the oil comes in the nitrogen filled bladder is compressed. Adjusting how the expansion of the secondary chamber happens is also part of the Revalve process. That is how you have external control over the compression stroke. These external adjustments are only a fine tuning of the internal damping. For example if you have suspension set up for vet motocross the external adjusters are never going to make it an Enduro set up.

The range of adjustment offered externally is not large enough to make that much of a change. Rebound Stroke After the suspension has compressed it then extends again rebound stroke.

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FCSuspension Cannot get other user media. API shut down by Instagram. Display only your media.Quick links. I've done some research and it looks pretty straight forward to remove the valve stacks, make some changes and put it back together.

I'm just wondering how much of a change I should be making. The bike is a YZand the forks are harsh for the singletrack kind of riding I do.

I think the springs are close, but the compression is way too much. What about the rebound, does it need to change at all?

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Anyone have some ballpark ideas on how much difference there is in valving between good MX suspension and good trail suspension? I'm sure that I will have to take it all apart a few times before I come up with something I like, but any help in getting me close to the mark would be appreciated.

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Also, I'm hoping I can just remove some valving shims, but if I need to exchange stiff ones for soft ones, where can I purchase them? Are they available locally? They sell them in lots of 1 and It depends what is in there. IMO you need about 3 or 4 - 24s. There isn't really soft or firm shims - essentially a shim with a smaller outer diameter will allow more fluid to flow around it than a larger diameter shim will.

Hence the smaller shims will give a "softer" feel. As Dirtyboy noted, the total shim stack thickness or height ie multiple shims stacked one on top of another also affects how easily the fluid will pass by - and that's why removing some shims all together helps soften up the compression.

You can get shims in different thicknesses, but generally all you will be using are 0. The hydraulics may be a little complicated, but the mechanics of taking it apart, playing with it and putting it back together is pretty easy and straight forward.

And, order shims from MX Tech in advance Waaaayyyyy cheaper - order more than you think you will need and then you'll have a selection of shims to choose from when "revalving".

how to revalve forks

I was able to make a cartridge holding tool out of a 1" piece of PVC conduit. My base valve only had 4 large shims to start with, so I moved 2 of them to the bottom of the stack and will hopefully get out to try it this week.

If nothing else I have new seals, oil and sealsavers on it now. They really aren't that scary once you get them apart.A suspension revalve will customize your bike's handling for your unique riding style and demands.

how to revalve forks

Our Suspension Revalve is designed to give you the ultimate customization in the handling of your motorcycle. Whether you want to feel more comfort and plushness from your bike on long rally rides; feel more confident and in control hitting the enduro trails; or want to push for more speed on the motocross track, the goal of our Suspension Revalve is to get you the handling character you desire.

Forks and shock priced separately. Call now to schedule your Revalve! My son took his bike there because he was so impressed with their work.

They revalved my suspension and tuned my motor. Bike rides insane now! They really spent the extra time to make sure I got what I wanted. It's no wonder they win every baja race.

Revalve Basics

We take the time to understand what characteristics you like to feel from the handling of your bike to give you the most individualized result. From Rally and Enduro riding to Motocross and Freestyle, we have experience improving the handling. Our Suspension Revalve always focusses on keeping a smooth feel to the action of your suspension, also known as removing the steps in the valving.

For a more desert-style setup, this improves the plushness, but this same practice also keeps a stiff motocross setup very rideable by reducing harshness. No matter what style of riding you do, our Suspension Revalve is designed to give you an enhanced feeling of control while riding. The same step-reducing measures we take with your suspension benefit the control you feel as your suspension doesn't abruptly react or deflect. You only pay for a Revalve once. For as long as you own the same bike, we'll work with you to update your suspension to keep you as confident and comfortable on your bike as you hope to be.

Once you give us a call to schedule your Suspension Revalve, t he first step is for us to get to know you as a rider. In order to do this, we'll have you fill out our Rider Profile form to collect the general info. Should you be shipping your suspension, we'll contact you over the phone for any additional info needed.

We've worked with the fastest racers in the grand prix, desert and motocross disciplines as well as weekend warriors, play riders and adventure enthusiasts. As a result, we've learned what can work for any skill level and type of terrain.

We give your suspension the same level of work and attention to detail as the factory-level racers that we support. Furthermore, we go beyond simply replacing shims; we chamfer and polish any edges of the internal moving parts for smoother oil flow and less friction. In effect, this gives better performance and a more predictable end result to our revalve. We'll, then, reassemble your suspension using high-quality oils and replace any parts that need it.The CRFR sits very close to our hearts.

It is our 1 motorcycle for Revalve services and it has been that way since its inception back in An all-new chassis and the return to traditional spring forks highlight the big changes on the latest version of the popular CRFR. The new 49mm Showa Twin Chamber Spring Forks offer a very versatile, stable and predictable feel to the front of the motorcycle. Combined with a new Showa shock the bike is equipped with very capable components that are able to be tuned for a wide variety of conditions and riders.

Throughout our testing we found the overall feel of the forks to be soft and prone to diving. The rear shock is susceptible to a fair amount of deflection and can feel a bit harsh to some riders. Bike balance was another area of concern, riders commented on a stinkbug stance with a pitch-to-front attitude present, especially in braking bumps or anywhere there was a greater emphasis on front-end load.

As we mentioned, the components on this bike are very good and any shortcomings in handling can be tuned out with a Factory Connection Revalve. The diving and lack of control in the fork is fixed, without compromising any comfort or plushness to the initial part of the stroke.

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Progression through the mid-stroke is very smooth and bottoming resistance is tuned for each riders individual requirements. Small bumps are handled with more comfort and control while ground contact is increased resulting in a more stable, planted feel. Faster, more aggressive riders will typically want more bottoming resistance added to the shock compared to stock. We have a host of settings and packages to choose from and a team of Suspension Experts ready to assist you with the process.

Call today, performance awaits! Most of the attention to handling goes towards the front end of the bike and the forks. The air fork presents some challenges in finding a balanced setting between comfort and control. Achieving one or the other is not difficult but nailing down the perfect combination of the two is difficult in stock form.

The KYB shock tends to get less focus from the riders but it too can benefit from some improved handling. The Factory Connection Revalve focuses on the issues in the forks, while increasing performance in the shock as well.

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We give the fork a better initial feel to the beginning of the stroke in an effort to eliminate the harshness and stingy impression most riders will get from the stock set-up. The end result of the forks is a well-controlled fork with excellent progression and bottoming resistance.

The shock is tuned to match the new fork characteristics. It settles into corners better, accelerates through bumps with greater traction and also features increased bottoming resistance. Performance of this air fork is similar to others on the market. Sometimes good, sometimes harsh, sometimes stiff, but bottoms out as well. Riders are usually adjusting air pressure or clickers in an attempt to find the perfect balance in the fork.

A Revalve goes a long way in helping this fork. In fact, once properly set-up, a Factory Connection Revalve on this fork feels very, very good. There is a smoothness to the stroke that is not always present in air forks. Acceleration through choppy bumps and high-speed rollers are areas of most notable improvement. Now equipped with KYB components and a new chassis, the bike was a departure for Honda fans of old.Testing in a variety of terrains with many different levels of riders.

From the hard pack square edge bumps of California, to the sand tracks in Florida and almost everything in between; including the woods of New England. We have put ourselves, our ideas and the fork to the test. The Revalve Setting is tailored to the riders needs; when combined with optimized oil level, internal seal modifications along with correct spring rate, clicker settings and parts developed by Factory Connection you get a better performing 4CS fork that has:- A much plusher small bump ride.

All this makes the Factory Connection modified 4CS fork competitive at all levels and in all terrains. BCV Cup Kit: this kit addresses the sudden fast movement of the forks. Examples can be a square edge bump at speed, a log on the trail or hammering a whoop section.

how to revalve forks

With the results in and parts available we want to share what we developed with you. The Revalve Setting is tailored to the riders needs; when combined with optimized oil level, internal seal modifications along with correct spring rate, clicker settings and parts developed by Factory Connection you get a better performing 4CS fork that has:- A much plusher small bump ride — Improved stability at speed.

Bump Rubbers: similar to the bump rubber on the shock, these are installed to catch the last part of the stroke preventing the harsh bottoming the 4CS fork is known for.

These pistons, when combined with a Factory Connection Revalve drastically improved rider feel because the harshness in the compression stroke caused by poor oil flow is eliminated. FCSuspension Cannot get other user media. API shut down by Instagram. Display only your media.Change your forks from air pressure to coil spring with our Spring Conversion Kit.

KTM WP XPLOR Fork and Shock Review

No more checking fork psi before each ride. No more losing all air pressure with a blown seal. The kit we use is simple, very well made and includes the internals for the air-chamber fork. Spring, fluids and any wear items replaced are extra.

We highly recommend conjunction of our Revalve Service for most ideal outcome. Call us now to get started! Even when everything is working perfectly, the air fork will build pressure due to ambient temperature, altitude, and heat. This phenomena can't be controlled and leads to a stiffer and often harsher feel while riding. Switching to a coil spring offers the more consistent handling character of a conventional spring fork.

If something internal in the air fork were to fail, such as a fork seal, the air fork can lose pressure to the point that the fork loses travel. At the motocross track, this can make for an early end to your day.

Alternatively, a failure on a trail ride could leave you stranded miles from camp. Switching to a coil spring eliminates this risk as the fork is held up by the spring instead of air pressure. A result of sealing the fork chamber s to maintain the air pressure required in an air fork is a noticeable increase in stiction.

Switching to a coil spring reduces this stiction to more common, conventional levels, which improves small bump absorption and handling feel over chatter. Once you give us a call— —we'll get your Spring Fork Conversion Service scheduled and give you and estimated completion date.

If you're dropping off your suspension, we'll collect any further information we need form you at that time. We also offer a suspension removal and remounting service, if you'd like to bring in your bike. If you're shipping your suspension and we need any additional information, we'll give you a call. If you're having us install the Spring Conversion Kit in conjunction with our Suspension Revalve Service highly recommended!

This phenomena can't be controlled. Using nitrogen in the fork instead of air may cut down the build up of pressure by a percentage. However, in our testing, even nitrogen does gain some pressure.When Factory Connection Re-valves your suspension, we personalize your Forks and Shock to your specific skill sets and needs. From the initial phone call; our staff of experienced professionals will ask you a battery of questions, designed to initiate the responses to tailor the suspension to you.

Every rider is unique in height, weight, riding style, ability level, terrain ridden and desired performance. We are dedicated to providing you the Best Suspension Period. In many cases, we will make performance product recommendations to best fit your budget and performance expectations. Then your suspension is shipped back to you in our customized shipping box, usually in days.

First Contact The initial communication is very important. We will also talk about what you specifically need as a rider, gathering the necessary details such as height, weight and age.

WP 4CS Forks

We will explain what we know about your bike and how that translates to improvements in suspension performance. The more details you give us, the better we can customize a set up that is right for you. At this time we will provide a detailed estimate, this estimate can be emailed to you to review. Each setting is custom tailored based on your comments and needs.

How do they come up with these settings? Experience, there is no substitute for experience! The Work Once your suspension arrives at Factory Connection it follows a very detailed procedure. Every Factory Connection location is company owned, operated and managed from our New Hampshire head quarters. Every technician at every location is trained to the same standard of perfection, guaranteeing the same level of Workmanship Company wide.

Suspension components require an array of special tools and knowledge to be able to work on them.

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Many of the tools we use are designed and made in-house. Shipping Back Once your suspension is complete, it is packaged with fresh material in a new shipping box.

Unless other arrangements have been made at this point, we will call you with a final total and collect payment information. Factory Connection exclusively uses UPS for all return shipping and offers optional shipping insurance. All of the used parts or springs replaced in servicing your suspension are returned to you for inspection.

New stickers are installed front and rear and a Tri-fold with all of the suggested starting points is included. This Tri-fold also includes tuning tips for a variety of riding conditions. It does not matter how big or small your question is we want to help. Sometimes you know the answer but just need reassurance; we are here for all those questions.


We want you to be happy and confident in your suspension. From correct instillation; to setting the sag and fork height, we are just a phone call away.

Do you have questions that are performance related?

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